ChangeCrab and Changelog


ChangeCrab and Changlog

Changecrab is a service that allows you to communicate product changes within the company with customers. If you are looking to release information within a few minutes, this is the platform for you. With Changecrab, notes and information can be released within minutes allowing you to get the information to other employees and customers as soon as possible without the need of interrupting everyone. 

With Changecrab, customers are informed through a sidebar widget, inline widget, and hosted changelog page. The sidebar widget, allows you to inform your customer of updates without the need to leave your site. The inline widget allows you to make clean, professional changes prior to sending the data to the customer. The Hosted changelog page allows you to link your users to the page so they can stay up to date on information. 

With full customization, Changecrab allows you to design and send notices to customers allowing open communication bringing more dedicated customers to your business. If you are busy working on a new product, you can send this information to customers and it will not interrupt your workflow. The company has great customer service to support your business by bringing live customer support and is transparent in the pricing. If you want to test the platform out prior to purchasing a premium account, you can sign up for the free account and still get most of the same services and support as a premium account. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time if it doesn’t suit your business needs.  Learn more about Customer Suggestion software.